Working with Pati

Calling all Eagles & Horses (Mavericks)

John Denver

Horses are creatures who worship the earth
They gallop on feet of ivory
Constrained by the wonder of dying and birth
The horses still run, they are free

My body is merely the shell of my soul
But the flesh must be given its due
Like a pony that carries its rider back home
Like an old friend who’s tried and been true

I had a vision of eagles and horses
High on a ridge in a race with the wind
Goin’ higher and higher, faster and faster
On eagles and horses I’m flying again

Eagles inhabit the heavenly heights
They know neither limit nor bound
They’re the guardian angels of darkness and light
They see all and hear every sound

My spirit will never be broken or caught
For the soul is a free-flying thing
Like an eagle that needs neither comfort nor thought
To rise up on glorious wings


Eagles and Mavericks are the visionaries, the leaders, the wise ones. They do not live in the herd and they are seen one at a time. Eagle is the brother who flies highest and closest to the Creator. A maverick does not go along with the group, they are independent thinkers. Few are called and fewer step up to say “Yes, Send Me!”


If so, I want to work with YOU!

Why am I the best choice to be your mentor? Because I too have answered the call.

Do you feel called to be a Maverick or Eagle. Do you have the curiosity and courage to find out “What’s around the river bend in your life?”

Do you Believe that YOU can have what you want?

If not I can believe if for YOU until you do! Because I BELIEVE YOU CAN!



You’re journey though life is a delight to witness. You live a magical free-form life and you do not hold back. You’re always supported in doing so and you do it in full integrity.


Are you ready to get what YOU want in life? Are you ready to invest in yourself? Join me for the adventure of your life! Invest in YOU! You’re worth it! It’s your turn!

Let’s do it together! 

We will work together, calling upon all of my intuitive and energy healing techniques to release energy blockages that are holding you back and re-creating dysfunctional relationships and situations that are holding you back from living the life that you dream and deserve.

Our sessions together can allow you to:

  • Release the wounds of the past
  • Heal Family Legacy
  • Gain personal clarity
  • Increase your energy and excitement
  • Be open to NEW and Exciting ways of Living Fully
  • Support you to be able to express your unique gifts
  • Allow you step into your TRUE power for valuing yourself
  •  ….and Much More!

Speciality Premium Packages

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I believe that in using all life as a mirror, we can get a closer glimpse into who we were created to be and what’s keeping us from reconnecting with our inner most desires. Pati

 Other Offerings

Transition support from birth to death… and every moment in between with a high emphasis placed on self-care.

Before and after major life transitions such as birth, and death,  we need extra support. It’s especially helpful to have the support of one who has been there and will listen, occasionally offering new insights from another perspective when appropriate. Not only can it be comforting it can be life giving. In these packages Pati offers her many years of expert support helping others and their families and friends with transition.

  1. Doula for birthing in this world.. support for baby and family or grandparents.
  2. End of Life Support: Doula for the dying; birthing out of this world… support for person in transition and family.See and experience birth and death from a spiritual experience, they are the same. No matter how you’ve ended up where you are, turn this major milestones into the most spiritual experience you’ve ever had.

End of Life Support

Everyone is gone. The funeral is over, the excess food is finished and now you’re all alone. Now is the time for YOU! Say no to the good intentions of others to keep you busy 24/7. They’ll tell you that it’s good for you. Or perhaps they want to help by numbing you with pills.

But I offer an alternative to the painful situation you find yourself in. Be with it. Make friends with it. Feel it. Embrace it. As someone who has been there many times myself, that’s what I would advocate for.. time for YOU! It takes over a year to recover from such a painful loss and I understand that and see the gift in it.

Really receive this time as the gift that it is. Use it to fully grieve, feel the sadness, the loneliness, the abandonment, the anger and fear. Then rest, heal, and see all the support from Spirit and your loved ones who have passed. We’ll use my intuitive skills and develop yours so that you will be able to navigate these waters with grace and ease.

  • Special Offer$1770 for 3 months of empathetic listening, witnessing your life’s journey and offering new insights when appropriate. I will be the voice that helps you to say NO to all the good intentions around you. It takes a year to begin to recover from a major loss like this. Say YES to you!


  • Strategy Call 75-90 min
  • 6 scheduled 1 hr calls (Bi-Weekly)
  • 6 – mini – I need you now calls (15 min)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Plus Bonus Special: Includes a Rising Star Energy Healing and Rite of Passage Ceremony for YOU! 


Price: $1,770.00

  • Pay in full and receive a special bonus of 20% off our Evolutionary Getaway Retreat in Tulum, Mexico, April 2018.

Vision Quest Guide – Have somewhere to go that’s on your bucket list? Whenever we get out of our comfort zones, magical things happen! Either take Pati with you, or be in contact with her and evolve to another personal level. Tell us what you’re thinking! Let’s Play!

Rites of Passage/Initiations – In our evolution, we pass through many different stages. We would do well to They should be recognized with Rites of Passage and/or Initiations, much like we recognized graduations. These rites of passages and initiations help us to not only take ownership of our personal growth but also gives us something concrete to hold onto.

  • Special Bonus: Includes either a phone session or one on one time with Pati at The Riverbend Retreat Center and Rite of Passage/Initiation.
Price: $497.00
  • Pay in full and receive a special bonus of 10% off our Evolutionary Getaway Retreat in Tulum, Mexico, April 2018.

Letting go/Moving/Liquidating/Organizing – Transition almost always includes letting go… letting go of old beliefs, ideas, perceptions and stuff! Having trouble? Let Pati compassionately help you move forward in your life by supporting you in cleaning out and cleaning up. Pati has many years in organizing, moving and letting go. Let’s do it together! Tell us what you need! Help!

Destination Retreats – Next one: Evolutionary Getaway! Tulum, Mexico, April, 2018. Details coming soon. Count me in! To be put on our interest list.

Rising Star Energy Healing Practitioner – The Rising Star is one of the most powerful and simple healing systems that people can master. Initiation to become a Rising Star practitioner is from Source to Source, completely pure. It brings your body, mind, and spirit back into balance, working on all levels, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etheric, and energetic – all 7 body systems and all major chakras. The Rising Star Healing System is a living energy and continually adapts, adjusts and incorporates new healing energies as they emerge. In person or long distance.  Each session works to clear your chakras for 21 days. 3 Sessions (Once a month for 3 months)

  • Special Bonus: Includes either a phone session or one on one time with Pati at The Riverbend Retreat Center. Yes! I want this! 
Price: $1,770.00
  • Pay in full and receive a special bonus of 20% off our Evolutionary Getaway Retreat in Tulum, Mexico, April 2018.

  • UNLIMITED PATI! Do you have a bucket list and want a deeper, richer experience than just checking it off of your list? Do you want to see life from another viewpoint and get out of your comfort zone with a safe, fun companion! Then this is the Premium Package for you! 18 months of unlimited Pati, to go and do all the things you’ve been putting off! Let’s chat! 

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