Sahuarita, Arizona



I write to you to thank you for sharing your lovely retreat center with me, not only as a scared space to reflect but for the opportunity to live within each moment and to truly embody the magic that your home has to offer. From the moment I drove up the to the property I actually felt my life as it was just simply, stay at bay….as if time stood still and the universe allowed me to slow down and just be. Perhaps it was breathing with the desert breeze….each exhalation took my worries and concerns, each inhalation brought renewed strength, energy and courage.

Thank you for listening, talking, sharing, advocating, embracing and respecting all that is me! Your hospitality, grace and open heart makes me miss our time together and I can not wait until our next journey!!!

Maha love to my adopted mom, friend and mentor❤       Stacy Crouse

Staying at the casita was a deeply significant time for me to clarify my goals and desires in the peace and beauty of the Sonoran desert. Grateful for the opportunity to share in this sacred space. Many thanks.


I really loved Pati’s casita. The energy was peaceful and beautiful. It is out in the country and yet I felt really safe. Such a wonderful place to get away. I could feel the peacefulness and the love put into this place. Thank you for making it so nice!


Pati was great. Although she was out of town, she left us the key and urged us to make ourselves at home. The place was cozy and super quiet. I really enjoyed the labyrinth, there is some positive energy there. The casita is far enough away from the city to really enjoy those stars at night. If you’re looking for peace and serenity, you will appreciate this place.


Thank you so much for everything.  Not for just allowing me to stay at your beautiful palace, but for the way you also made me feel.  Words just can’t describe.  Not for one moment did I feel uncomfortable.  I feel energized and ready to take on things in a little different light.


Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. Jason is definitely your resident angel. I can’t thank him enough.

Barbara and Don