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In support of major life changes… with a High Emphasis on Self-Care


In life there we go through many changes. It’s normal. It’s right. It’s the way things were designed to be. You, yourself know that when things are going along without any hiccups, that we can become complacent and drop into a mode of living on auto-pilot. Now, where is the growth and adventure in that?


Using the Evolve to Live 4 Pillars, The Journey of the Soul, The Shift, 1st and 2nd Half of Life, and The Invitation to Become Real, we can see that movement in life is not only necessary it’s what makes life an adventure. If we are trying to hold on to how we think things should be, how we perceive them to be, or how we want them to be, then we’re missing out on our opportunity to evolving to co-creative, conscious living. And that my friend is where the fun begins!

 PATI Believes       

Transition (changes) happen from birth to death… and every moment in between. We have many ways that we can work together to help you create the life that you are craving. One filled with joy and passion, without drama and guilt.

Author & Franciscan Priest, Father Richard Rohr says


When moving from the 1st to the 2nd Half of Life, you need a mentor to hold your hand and walk with you or you’ll quickly run back to the familiar.



Why Pati? “Because I’ve lived it, because I’ve broken out of it and because I evolved through it! (It being life and old beliefs.) I live a crazy, free, dreamy, magical, fun, adventurous life! And I can show YOU how to do this too!


I have a gift of empathetic listening, really hearing you, cheerleading for you, building you up and giving you permission to follow the desires of your heart… your dreams! I may be the only person in your life who understands YOU! Let’s journey together!”

Pati – your journey through life is a delight to witness. You live a magical free-form life and you do not hold back. You’re always supported in doing so and you do it in full integrity.   -Peter



 Why not go premium? You are worth the investment! In fact, there’s nothing that I can think of to invest your time, money and energy into, than YOURSELF! When you’re the best you can be that translates to all areas of your life being the best they can be. Guaranteed! ARE YOU READY TO FIND OUT… WHAT’S AROUND THE RIVERBEND?



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