Kimberly Hobbs – California

Kim Hobbs, California Division Director 

Yoga Instructor/ Licensed Massage Therapist/ Workshop & Retreat Facilitator 

                                                                            Aarohee means evolving in Sanskrit.

A mover and a shaker from a young age, I grew up to be the typical athlete, strong, tall and what I thought was fast.  Even though I secretly wanted to be a dancer, the doors to the world of competitive sports was wide open from the start and I excelled at everything that I put my mind to.  Graceful movement was not a strength, nor did I ever think that I could learn to move my body in such a way.

In 2011, not knowing anything about yoga teacher, Shiva Rae, I attended my first 10 day yoga immersion session.

The most gorgeous thing that I discovered about myself while taking Shiva’s teacher training was that I am (as we all are) pure energy that moves with my breath like a wave.  I am not a 5’10” stiff basketball player that cannot touch her toes.  It wasn’t about that.  Sure, we all strive to go deeper into asanas and feel our body moving and changing, but where I always felt like I didn’t have the right body in Ashtanga, or the bendy back for Anusara, I had all that I needed for Prana Flow…breath.

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