Pati Hope – Arizona

 Pati Hope, 
Founder and Executive Director

Advocate for Self-Care & Spiritual Conscious Living/Adventurer

Author/Inspirational Speaker/ Transitional Coach/Emotional Energy Healing/Retreat Facilitator

                                                                                                    Pati began her healing journey over 3o years ago when life as she knew it went south. She knew there had to be more ‘out there’ than she had been taught. She began studying with spiritual directors, healers and shaman.

And from her own personal journey, she began to see  the blessing in embracing change, feeling permission to learn and practice self-care techniques, she was able to see that life can and should be lived with passion and joy for everyone. 

Pati believes that things in life happen FOR us and not TO us. And that all paths lead to soul evolution. When Pati began to understand this, she could see the blessing in all life situations and value the opportunity for personal growth, rather than see them as a failure or burden. 

Wanting to make a difference in the world, she founded, Evolve to Live, a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3)  Educational  Outreach organization. She is passionate about providing education and sharing the benefits of true self-care.  

Why is Pati the best one to walk with you on your life’s journey?

“Because I’ve lived it, because I’ve broken out of it and because I evolved through it!” (It being life and old beliefs.) And I can show YOU how too! I have a gift of empathetic listening, really hearing you, cheerleading for you, building you up, helping you see life from another perspective and giving you permission to follow the desires of your heart… your dreams! I may be the only person in your life who understands YOU! Let’s journey together!”

Pati gives you the validation and permission to Know what YOU know!

 It’s YOUR Turn!

Live your life filled with Passion & Joy!




You’re journey though life is a delight to witness. You live a magical free-form life and you do not hold back. You’re always supported in doing so and you do it in full integrity.


Intuitive Transitional Coaching

On this Life Journey, our challenges often come swiftly and unexpectedly into the mundane routines we find ourselves busy fulfilling.  And our  balance becomes wobbly, our judgments become blurred because our ‘ole perspective and its ownership is ruled by ‘ole time traditions that no longer work for us.  Especially us Women!

Then comes Pati!  And…

A Whole New Perspective Glows and Flows from her View Finder!  And A New Beginning Arises!

Thank You, Pati


Rising Star Energy Healing 

You are one amazing healer! You cured my arrhythmia.
Susan P. CA

After your treatment the pain in my right leg that has kept me up for the past six months is gone. Thank you!   

Cathy, AZ

During your treatment yesterday, I felt a surge of energy. Later that night was the first time that I hadn’t want to eat before going to bed. I was sure it was from your treatment… and then I felt my metabolism increase as I slept! I look forward to checking you and your methods out more!

Caryl, AZ

I wanted to write and thank you for the Rising Star.  I have had lots of energy work done over the last 20 years.  I was very moved by it.  The feeling and “knowing” that something big was happening was very strong.  It helped me continue to work on my issues around accepting myself, just as I am.  I was very impressed and see great value in the work that you do.  Keep it up dear friend, it has great value.  Thank you SO much for sharing your gifts with us.

Love, Lindy AZ


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